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    demonic variation

    hey everyone

    been playing around with the image i posted the other day - that one was based on expressing an emotion but people have commented saying i look like a demon so i have made a variation where in this version i am one. what was quite hard was to not make the image look like nothing more than a simple crop of the other. i wanted to express in this piece how demons are able to overpower us even with just their stare.

    i hope this looks ok because it can loose the impact of the staring eye on darker monitors

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    I like it, you really have to moisturise these days, with all the pollution...

    No i really enjoy this piece, the cracks really add to it and i love the colour of the background. The sepia toning is also excellent.

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    thanks for the kind comments - and i will try next time i post images to be more cheery in style - i have just been dabbling in the dark art style recently since getting inspired by someone on another site

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    Excellent toning and contrasts

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