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Thread: Macro to resize images

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    Macro to resize images

    I'm very new to Photoshop. I'm currently using Photoshop 6. I have the CS, but have not had the time to install and try it yet. I have a whole bunch of digita pictures that I need to resize for a website. I've been going to each one and manually resizing them. Someone told me you can automate this process so I don't have to do the same thing over and over again. Can this be done in V6 or do I need to upgrade to CS? Please give me detailed instructions b/c I'm very new to Photoshop.


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    1/ search in google for batch in photoshop 6.

    2/ use a automate>web gallery feature - probs best for you, then just use the images or the whole thing.

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    Thanks! Found it.

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