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Thread: BIIIIIIIIIIIG Newbie question.... practically inexperienced w/ flash....

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    BIIIIIIIIIIIG Newbie question.... practically inexperienced w/ flash....

    Now.... I want to make and intro or a flash banner to my site just like these guys did....

    Now.... being that I have very little flash experience.... should I give up? Or what would be another solution?

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    wtf thats a bad site sorry to say but it almost crashed my brouwser and when i closed it ,it starts to search in my c:/ dir and try to send email to that site?!?!?!
    what the hell...
    i aborted it

    but to your question dont give up but start to learn its not fully flash there's some 3d involved 2 but dont expect you can make that in 1 day or even in 1 year if you dont have any experience at all

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    Why would you give up trying anything? If its something you want tear into it. No, you can't expect to "get it" right off the bat but never give up unless you're dead. Learn it. Use it. Share it.



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    It may take a bit of practice to be able to produce Flash work like that, but you can with some practice.

    Check out and

    Good luck

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    Thanx guys.... Yeah... Flash looks crazy hard though..... but I wanna do it..... so I'm gonna hafta play around with it for awhile....

    Are there any like... Flash Templates for free that are really hot?

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