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    ok i am trying to make a website and im using dreamweaver and i uplaoded my template and stuff but when i upload my template to ym sitr all i get is html coding crap no picsture or anything. Any ideas? Heres the site

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    Ok, go to the html section of dreamweaver. Press control-a to select all. Then go to edit<paste html. Remember to copy all your html before that okay.

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    still nothing. I have been tryiong to get this all day

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    Can you give me a screenshot of your html section? And when you go to your view your web site section in dreamweaver does it have all the html?

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    how can i put a screen shot on here?

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    just click on link
    and it will show you all the html

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    Get a screenshot of Dreamweaver viewing the page in html. Search for free screenshot programs on yahoo.

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    Omg more searching and finding . I have been doing this all day. Im gonna go crazy all I wanted was a little ol website so i can put up my pics and show em to people but noooooo. God dman HTML has to be a whore.

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    You should have a button on your keyboard that says Prt Scrn with Sys Rq written beneith an underscore on it, or some such. On my keyboard it's the first button after the Function keys at the top of the keyboard. Press the button and then open Photoshop or any other image editor. Creat a new canvas and go to edit>paste
    and Voila - a screen shot.
    BTW - don't feel too bad about your website, I just spent 2 hours tryin' to get one rinkey dinkey little navbar to center on the published page. I finally gave up and just put up text links to tide me over until tomorrow.

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    i know how to print screen i just dont have a way of hosting it on the fourms. ause i have no site and still after prolly 48 hours of working on this bitch. It stilld oesnt work

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