View Full Version : Save Selection

12-28-2009, 06:25 PM

I'm importing graphics for a 2D game and I have 5 ships that are similar in shape but have different color. All, have lot's of glow around them. I get it to look good in the game when select the ship using the quick selection tool and then refine the edges with feather and smoothing. Finally, I export to web as a png and import the image into my game. However, my problem is that I'm unable repeat the selection process for all the ships. It always comes out a little bit different (wider, higher, different shape). I've tried "Save Selection" but it still somehow selects differently every time. My question is that is there a way to really save a selection with all the feather and smoothing data and just press and "boom" it selects equally every time?

Thanks for any insight!