View Full Version : volume management in LR 2.0

12-22-2008, 03:59 PM
hello everyone,
i've recently upgraded from lightroom 1 to lightroom 2.0 because of all the new features. i was particularly interested in their "volume management" features, where you can "Freely manage and organize your images across multiple drives, and continue to work with the high-resolution previews even when your originals are offline." (copied and pasted from the adobe website)

i have seen and understand the color-coded bars, letting you know which disks are full, offline, etc. my question is:

how to i work with the high-resolution previews when the originals are offline??

any tips?? thanks in advance for any and all help!

12-22-2008, 04:42 PM
namaste stephanie, welcome to the cafe and good question! there must be some trick or that's just some marketing hyperbole. when i try to access an offline file, all i can do is to see it and add metadata to it. if i try and do anything else, LR2.2 tells me the file is offline or missing. U can use them in a slide show however, but u can't print the offline photos. So, unless we are missing something major here, I don't see what use this is, except to retain nice thumbnails of your offline files, and perhaps allow you to meta tag your photos when u are bored stiff on a commercial airliner and disconnected from your library.