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01-08-2008, 02:16 AM
Text Tool- Healing Brush Tool
Game Title - Ijutsu " Art Of Healing" in japanese
Sutitle - Tool Of Inmortality
Besause I made it in two diference language? I made it in that way searching for a short name but with a complete message on it .
Rating - PA "Photoshop Adict"
Console - PGS "Photoshop Game System"
Game Makers - Healing Brush Game Studios
Design - Julio A Cardona "KF JAC"
Photographer - KF JAC
Model - KF JAC

Image Scene - Three Healing Spirits Using Ijutsu To Regenate main character`s hand.

How I Made It:
1 Photo Shooting
2 Hand Work On Photoshop
3 Background And Hand Cordination, Then I Made The Healing
Spirits " All On Photoshop"
4 Borders And Name Console Style Made It By me On Photoshop
With Inspiration On a Xbox 360 Cover Style Thank XboX For Be
On Our LIfes". Rating Logo Made It By Me On Photoshop, Desi
ner Logo And Game Creator Logos Was made It By Me Too On