View Full Version : photoshop homepage resizinga ALso Logo text and banner colour problem

12-09-2006, 02:57 PM

I am doing my first homepage in photoshop and am restructuring a template. I am a musician not an graphic artist and I having some problems. The template banner has a layer called blackbanner, but I do not want it to be black however I cannot see how to change the colour when I click on the blackbanner layer.

Second, the template had a Text saying "company logo" which I changed to my company Logo. But when I put that in dreamweaver, shouldn't the logo be added as a Jpeg instead of having it written in text.PSD ?

Whats the difference between photoshop webtemplates and CSS styles?

I have found that the length (from left to right ) is not long enough to fit right up to the scroll bar (there is a white strip about 5cm before you get to the end of the page) and when I edit the pixels in image ready and change the width, it will be the right length, but the page seems to be too big or too magnified compared to the original size, which is not long enough. How can I make it long enough without making the page look like you are looking at it under a magnifying glass? Or am I not making sense and it would just have to look bigger whatever?

Finally, how do I import a photoshop.psd file into dreamweaver? it does not have .psd in the file>open as far as i can see....