Photoshop World 2009 Vegas report and pictures

We are almost fully recovered from Photoshop World, and what a time we had. Sure there were the parties, after all it is Vegas, but the highlights for us were the PhotoshopCAFE Freemont Street Photowalk and getting to meet all of you cafe crew out there. There was no shortage of enthusiasm at the convention or on the trade show floor. We were lucky to have many of our authors teach right at the booth. Tim Cooper gave us some tips on how to take better Photos, Stephen Burns was on hand with his special brand of Photoshop Artistry. Jeff Foster revealed his animation secrets, and Wes Magio gave us some pointers for getting the most out of a Wacom tablet. It was the first time we brought so many authors out to a show, but it wont be the last.

The “CAFE Crew”

We were very lucky to not only have such talent speak at the booth, but we had incredible talent working the booth. These guys really out did them selves this time, a special thank you to them, and to the PhotoshopCafe community for making this such a successful show for us. If you were not be to make it out to this one, we hope to see you at another show. These days it is rare to have such an incredible learning experience while having a blast as well.

Read on for more and tons more pictures!

This was the speaker Schedule at the booth.

Thursday, Oct. 1

Tim Cooper The Zone System for Digital Photography
Learn how Ansel Adams used the zone system to get perfectly exposed shots everytime. You will never shoot in Auto mode again.

Jeff Foster Learning After Effects
Jeff will show you how to get started in Adobe After Effects. Make your Photoshop creations and photos move in amazing ways.

Colin Smith Photoshop and Flash Integration
Work with Photoshop and Flash together seamlessly. Craft an entire site with fluid movement and dynamic photo galleries.

Friday, Oct. 2

Jeff Foster Stereoscopic 3D in Photoshop
Grab a pair of 3D glasses from the booth and watch as Jeff shows you how to create real 3D right in Photoshop!

Tim Cooper Perfect Composition for Digital Photography
There are some rules that pros live by, learn to shoot like them. In 30 minutes, your photography will be completely transformed.

Stephen Burns Photoshop and Poser Integration. Photoshop & 3D
Stephen will show you how to unlock the 3D tools in Photoshop to create stunning artwork with effortless ease.

Saturday, Oct. 3

Wes Maggio Photoshop and Wacom Tablets
Watch and learn as Wacom’s Product Specialist, shows you how to master the use of the Wacom pen tablet.

Stephen Burns Photoshop and Poser Integration. Photoshop & 3D
Stephen will show you how to unlock the 3D tools in Photoshop to create stunning artwork with effortless ease.


What the guys had to say

Greetings, all!
Photoshop World has wrapped up and everyone has packed up and on their way.
We had some amazing speakers at the booth:
Colin Smith
Jeff Foster
Tim Cooper
Steven Burns
Wes Maggio

We had some wonderful people working the booth

Bruce Bicknell – instructor and booth ‘manager’
Matt Keefe – Developer, Programmer, Photographer, Social Diretor
Darren ‘Daz’ Winder – The Amazing Illustrating Man v1
Philip Neal – The Amazing Illustrating Man v2
Frank ‘Cfire” Priboy – Director and Training disk Guru
Fotodog – You friendly Cafe Photographer
Kayser Ridha – Big Brother Star and Actor
Sabrina Bollenbach – Fashion Photographer

This was my first Photoshop World and although the vendors were not as abundant as previous years, I was in Photoshop heaven.

I’ll leave it to the other booth-mates to add their reviews, but we definitely made impact on the Photoshop World (as well as Las Vegas)


Photos by Greg AKA fotodog

Frank hard at work

Colin and Matt figuring out a technical issue

BFF Daz and Phil


Colin during his presentation

Colin at Freemont st

Matt at Freemost St



At dinner on Coli’s bday

The “CAFE Crew”

Big enough? Burger

Jeff Foster Presenting

PhotoshopCAFE booth

Tim Cooper

Looks like trouble. Daz, Matt and Frank watch Tim’s presentation


Dtephen Burns explaining 3D at the PSC Booth

Jeff and his 3D presentation

Jeff looks great in these new glasses

Photoshop World has come and gone once again, each year is more memorable than the last; We Had A Blast!!
It was good to see the familiar team faces and also to meet Greg and Frank, great guys.
Each year PhotoshopCafe goes the extra mile, this year was awesome,
Colin good job, the PhotoshopCafe booth was outstanding, thanks for another great Photoshop World.


Photos by Daz

Matt and Bruce getting ready for it all to start

Daz, Frank and Kaysar


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m still trying to recover.
Vegas wears me out
To all who have never attended, you have to go sometime and hang out. Everyone from the Cafe is amazing. You can’t ask for a better family.


Those photos came out awesome! I will write my review of PSW when I get some sleep and energy, an “8 hour” flight really takes it out of you.

Although I will say it was nice meeting up with familiar faces and some new ones too. Man I love the Cafe family and every year PhotoshopCafe steps up to the challenge of “do one better”, this year was no exception… more on that later.


Photos by Matt


Hey Colin and everyone else,

I finally got home late last night and am happy to report that after Laura got there and we upgraded to a jacuzzi suite my feet/legs feel almost normal. We rode the rollercoaster at NYNY and it was cool although not nearly as scary as a real NYC taxi ride.

All I can say for now is that I had a great time hanging with you guys, the demos at the booth rocked and the whole experience was really fun and inspirational. I wish I’d had more time to spend getting to know you all more. I really enjoyed talking with those I could with such limited time and I look forward to more.

Thanks for the invite and the goodies!


Photos by Frank


My Photoshop 3D with the glasses seemed to be a hit. We gave out over a hundred pairs of glasses in less than 15 minutes and drew people away from Scott Kelby doing a live demo (with cameras rolling on him) in a booth one aisle over. ;)

Also – I’ve had a lot of comments about the T-shirt since I left PSW – people at Adobe MAX liked it as have people in random stores, etc.

That’s all I have for now – Jeff

Photos by Colin

Frank Taking a shot

Some of Colins iPhone pictures

We took a limo to Freemont st and the ols strip. Nothin’ but style for the CAFE Crew! 
Jeff does 3D at the booth

Contortionist at the istock Party

The istock party was crazy at a Rock Star Mansion. All the CAFE Crew got VIP tickets :)

Photos By Tim Cooper

The Artisan hotel. Thanks to Mr. Daniel Brown for finding this spot

A Speakeasy bar down by Freemont St

See more pictures at the PhotoshopCAFE Flickr page

See this on the web

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  1. Candy Fiddes says:

    Colin and the gang …
    Was nice to see you all again at PS World.
    I need an address to return the cracked DVD you said you would replace. Very nice of you to do this. I teach at the local college 1 class a week. Small community but lots of talent here in my students. When I get around my people at PS World it always feels like home and their is some pride I take in being a photog all these many years. Simple things like your offering to give me a replacement right on the spot. I just could not remember which one I had that was cracked. My friend said WOW that was nice of him.
    I said yes these are my people most of us try to be fair, do good work for those we work for. We are a rare crowd all trying to say something and hopefully change some things with our work the images are out there endless in things to say and expose..

    Candy in Yuma

  2. Hey bossman, nice pics, looks like you had a blast!
    im so close to vegas, d..nm!
    You should come to Cabo some day….. I am working something out with some friends to invite you down….

  3. mike hannan says:

    are you ever coming to rainy blighty ? midlands preferably.

  4. Tapas K Basu LRPS says:

    F A N T A S T I C P I C T U R E S .

    Thank you for sharing with me.


  5. The Artisan hotel, Ohhhhhhh the point, I would love to spent many time here……. nice place….

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