PDN Photoplus Expo NY, NY

This show at the Javits Center is always a big hit. There were 25,000 people at this international show.

The PhotoshopCAFE booth was a huge success. We were swamped with people, usually 2 deep all the time. It seems that they have seen our ads in Outdoor Photographer and Digital Photo magazines. It was great to see a ton of repeat customers snapping up all the new DVDs as well as meeting lots of new faces.

Overall I was very happy with the Easy Coast reception. We are better knows on the West Coast at shows, but it seems this is changing as there were a lot of East Coast CAFE fans.

Then to add to the excitement, we snapped up tickets for the New Youk Yankees and Angels final Playoff game at the new Yankee stadium. Oh boy! What a crowd. The Yankees really do have fans. More about that in the next post

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Colin Smith is a publisher, best selling author, award winning Digital Artist and popular speaker at industry events. He is founder of PhotoshopCAFE.com and President of Software Cinema.

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