Learn Lightroom 5 in 15 minutes

Learn Lightroom 5 in 15 Minutes flat! Yes, it’s true. I created a video that shows you Lightroom from scratch, empty install all the way through enhancing a whole collection of images. Grab a cup of coffee and watch (It might take longer to make the coffee than it takes to learn Lightroom)
http://ift.tt/1qiVDPX… BTW, this is a Picture I shot of model Lina in the studio with a 5D Mk3, @Profoto Lights and @ Chimera Modifiers

See it here: http://flic.kr/p/padN17


What am I missing? Lightroom for Photoshop Users
Some really great tools are here for working on your photographs. Learn how to have the freedom to experiment with virtual copies and presets. Share your images easily with export presets and built in social media sharing tools. http://ift.tt/1qycrkY

See it here: http://flic.kr/p/p8AaRS

Los Angeles Aerial Panorama

Shot on a DJI Phantom 2 Vision + Quadcopter drone. Panorama

See it here: http://flic.kr/p/oFKpKt

How to Commit Brand Suicide

A graphic designer spoke to me last week. His graphic design firm — let’s call it XYZ Design — was numero uno in designing labels for a large wine company. Let’s call that ABC Wines. Now ABC wines had some really super wines. They loved the incomparable graphic design of XYZ design, and continued to use them for several of their major brands. This one client alone generated tons of work and income for XYZ design right through the year.

Then It Happened…

ABC Wines sold out to another wine company. This new wine company had its own in-house graphic designers. That effectively meant XYZ Design’s income and work flow were severely hit, causing them to scramble for new clients to fill the gap.

“If only I had done what you said,” said the owner of XYZ Design, ” and not line extended into web design and other forms of graphic design and communication, I would have gone down the gurgler too”

Not true.

Line extension doesn’t mean you run just one business or have one product.

No, it doesn’t mean that at all.

Multi-tasking existed long before the advent of computers and the more skills you have, the better off you are in today’s world. However, you have to name each ‘twin’ differently to give it a very distinct identity. When you do that, your client recognises the difference and chooses that ‘twin’ for its own individual personality and character.

How Do You Line Extend Without Line Extending

In the case of XYZ Design, it would have to work in this manner. To all wine companies, they would enter the door as a ‘wine label design Specialist.’ To every wine company in the country and overseas, they would be known, not as XYZ Design but more so, as XYZ Wine Design Specialists.’

This would give the wine companies a specialist to deal with. It would help XYZ Wine Design specialists to build their reputation in the wine industry to a point where if any wine company decided to design a label, XYZ Design would be one of the main contenders.

Now, wine companies don’t do just labels. They do brochures, leaflets, annual reports, websites and tons of other stuff. Your question would be, how can I afford to lose out on that market?

Why You Never Lose Out On The Rest Of The Stuff

It’s called backdoor entry. Everyone (including your competition) is banging on the front door, trying to get in. You, on the other hand, quietly slip in through the backdoor, pick your goodies and slip out.

This is how it works in practice. If you do really good work designing wine labels, it’s almost inevitable that clients will ask you if you can design other associated material. That’s when you introduce your other company, “JKL Graphic Design” and “PQR Web Design”. Same company, different positioning and certainly different brand names. What this does, is it helps clients compartmentalize their thinking. They now think you have specialist groups working on specialist projects taking extra special attention.

This Does Two Things…

1) It helps each of your businesses take on a ‘character’ of its own without affecting the other, much like Air New Zealand is premium and Freedom Air is budget. The public knows they’re one company but still compartmentalizes them into two. You can change the character of each company, and help boil it down to the smallest possible niche, making you an expert in the category.

2) The client sees your multiple brands as different brands. When they need web design services, or when they need to recommend them, they call the web design experts. And so on with graphic design and wine labels or just about anything that you are handling.

Everyone Loves A Specialist

Would you allow a GP to work on your triple bypass? OR would you prefer a heart specialist? Even better, a doctor who does only triple bypass surgery? If you feel the difference, so does your client and to ignore this basic human instinct is to do so at your own risk.

How It Works Not Just In Business But In The Workplace Too

If you’re working in a job, the same rule applies. Be known as a genius for something. Know how several things work. But branding yourself in one skill makes you the expert. Every time the company has a fire in that section, you will be known for your fire-fighting skills.

On an ordinary basis, most employees are not known for any particular skill and wonder why they are on top of the redundancy list. Bosses don’t know what you do and why you’re special, because you haven’t been doing the ‘branding bit’. It’s better to be a specialist than the ‘safe unknown.’

As Dire Straits sang in one of their songs, “Sitting on the fence is a dangerous course: You could get a bullet from the peace keeping force.”

Funny (But True) Phrases When You Forget To Obey The Rules

Jack of all trades, master of none. A bird in the hand, is worth two in the bush. And the best one of all: Keep it simple, stupid!

Keep putting these principles in action and you will see a marked improvement in your business.

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Article written by Sean D’Souza.

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Cable car lines

See it here: http://flic.kr/p/obGTi1


Cow Creek at sunrise, from when I was in Death Valley

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Adobe Creative Cloud Event

Adobe Creative Cloud event
Adobe Creative Cloud event

Upcoming event on creative Cloud

The confetti and streamers have long been cleaned up from last years Adobe Creative Cloud party. It’s been a year since Adobe went all-in with the Creative Cloud. This is where you get regular updates, rather than waiting 18 months for a new version.  CC can be installed on more than one computer and activated on 2 at a time. It doesn’t matter if they are Mac/Windows or 2 of each. Rather than go into the full explanation again, just check out our  Adobe CC page here that explains everything. 

The Creative Cloud was met by mixed reactions. People loved the tools and convenience, but the subscription only model fell a little flat. While some users were thrilled with the availability of the entire suite of Adobe tools at a $50 monthly subscriptions, some others mainly photographers and Photoshop hobbyists we not so excited about having to pay a subscription and (rent) their software. in response to the outcry from the photography community, a photographer’s cloud was introduced that offers Photoshop. Lightroom and Lightroom Mobile at a $9.99 a month price. For users that prefer to buy once, you can still buy CS6 and Lightroom as a stand-alone purchase. This did make the majority (but not all) the users happy. Once again, rather than get into the pros and cons etc, check out what has already been written and discussed. 

Adobe has come though on its promise and quite a few updates and useful features have been added to the CC programs.

Now Adobe is getting ready to announce some major new features for the next version of Creative Cloud applications and services. This event is scheduled for June 18th. Check out the event and then come back to PhotoshopCAFE for a first look and more in-depth coverage of these new features.

Signup for the Adobe Event here

Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Photo sequence

Lunar eclipse blood moon

Lunar eclipse blood moon


This is a series of photos that I shot of the “blood Moon” Solar Eclipse very recently. I set a Canon 5D Mk3 with a 70-200 mm lens. I used an intervalometer to take a photo every minute. It was set at ISO 400, f22 and 1/30 second exposures. When the moon was in full eclipse I increased the ISO to 1600. The whole things lasted just a little over 3 hours.
I then selected several of the photos that showed different stings of the eclipse and dropped them onto layers in Photoshop. I changed the blend mode to lighten, to show them all and then positioned them. I didn’t touch the exposure or contrast of the out of camera shots.

The reason the full eclipse turns red (blood moon) is because when the moon is in the earth’s shadow with the sun behind fit, it reflects all of the earths sunsets at the same time. There hasn’t been a full lunar eclipse in this area for a decade. The next one will be this coming October.


Photoshop retouching Tutorial: Body Sculpting and changing a pose in Adobe Photoshop http://ift.tt/1gYjoTY

See it here: http://flic.kr/p/nma1Su


Blood moon, Lunar Eclipse for last week.

See it here: http://flic.kr/p/njLnj4