Create Chaos et. al

Orlando was the place for the Create Chaos Super Conference. The idea was to bring together 10 different events into one. Most of the training was done by Mogo Media and included the creative Suite conference, vector, pixel and web conferences.

As a regular speaker for the pixel conference I conducted 2 sessions on Photoshop: “Keeping it real” and “Photoshop Most Wanted.” Both these sessions were packed with a few people sitting on the floor to jam in the room. Then I had 2 Flash sessions at the Vector Conference. “Flash Animations that Wow” and “Flash and Video”. As always I had a blast at this event.

Some of the other going on’s were a series of parties, art demos and an art wall. Just for fun I added a little spam to the art wall.

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Colin Smith is a publisher, best selling author, award winning Digital Artist and popular speaker at industry events. He is founder of and President of Software Cinema.


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