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Weston Maggio, Wacom Technology: As an Adobe certified expert in Photoshop and a Senior Solutions Manager for Wacom Technology, Wes is an authority on Wacom tablets and Photoshop instruction. A passionate trainer and speaker, he has presented at events such as Photoshop World, Siggraph, the HOW Conference and various workshops around the world.

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Weston Maggio, WACOM TECHNOLOGY: As an Adobe certified expert in Photoshop

What’s new in Photoshop Cs6 for the Wacom tablet user

By Weston Maggio With each update to Adobe Photoshop, tablet users enjoy a plethora of enhancements that make their workflow more productive and in some cases more enjoyable. Photoshop CS6 […]

Photoshop CS5 – What’s in it for tablet users?

Photoshop CS5 is pen-centric through and through. We see this first hand with a new tool, The Mixer Brush. This brush emulates the effects of a traditional artist’s brush whose tip was dipped in multiple colors and then blended together. This blending of colors can be applied to a blank canvas to achieve the look and feel of various traditional media.